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Why is it so important to find the right lens - sensor combination?

It is not easy deciding which camera to use for your application taking into consideration all your requirements and budget but also the wealth of different cameras from different manufacturers and sensor specifications. Looking at the sensor level you have different pixel sizes, total pixel number, signal-to-noise ratio, (high) dynamic…

Inspecting Pallets for Breaks and Missing Parts

The Pallet Vision System is a multi-camera 3D scanner that:Enables 3D robot picking from a 5 metre stack of palletsSorts pallets into their colour and type (plastic, wood, blue, grey, etcInspects all sides of each pallet with millimetric measurements. If there is a fault, Pallet Vision will find itClick here…

Injector Hose Clamp Inspection System

Walsall Pressings is a well established manufacturing company based in the West Midlands. The company specialises in technical metal presswork and is very active in the automotive industry, supplying tier one manufacturers with pressings, robotic welding and mechanical assemblies.The company has a long term contract to supply engine components to…

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2019

We're at the 2019 Machine Vision Conference in Milton Keynes today.

Post Harvest Machine Vision - Processing Vegetables

According to a recent UK GOVERNMENT REPORT, the agri-food sector contributed £113bn to the UK economy in 2016.

£9.2bn of that was directly from agriculture and fishing, with food and drink manufacturing making up the majority of the remainder.

50% of the food we consume in the UK is manufactured here.

Our Company Brochure - Hot off the Press!

It's not all about web pages and Powerpoint presentations you know? Please also have a look at our company brochure, you can read it online, or download it from HERE.

Picking big stuff with big robots using 3D Vision

Our customer delivers automation systems into the foundry industry in China, this is a massive sector and accounts for the manufacture of 60% of the world's engine blocks.Our Chinese partners came to Lymington and stayed with us for a week in May 2018, learning all about Scorpion Vision and our…

The Scorpion Vision Bacon Inspector

We eat a massive amount of bacon in this country. In fact, an online resource stated that Bacon is an industry worth over £900 million with consumers currently purchasing over 150,000 tonnes per year. Rashers remain as the most popular form of bacon (SOURCE).In addition to the regular fry-ups we…

Peeling Brussels Sprouts with Robots!

The headline says it all really. We have been involved in building a 6 robot brussels sprout peeling system - so you don't have to.In the UK we eat copious amounts of this little green vegetable, but usually only at Christmas. When you buy a packet of ready-to-go brussels sprouts…

Automated Sprout Peeling

Scorpion Robot Vision Spout PeelingOne of the UK’s leading vegetable growers produces 50,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables for British Supermarkets per annum, and is one of the largest suppliers of swedes, leeks and sprouts.In order to trim the high volume of sprouts grown each year, the company was using a…