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Which cameras to use with DAVID laserscanner?

What is DAVID?

There are a lot of software packages available for industrial 3D scanning, however they all come at a higher cost point. DAVID software package offers a low cost alternative for 3D laser scanning applications. The software is free to download. The setup uses a hand-held line laser, a camera and two plain boards in the background.

It is an effective solution for 3D printing processes where an object needs to be scanned first to generate a 3D model which is then used for the printing process. 

How does it work? 

The basic version with a handheld laser is based on laser triangulation. Using structured light and a rig to mount projector and camera you can create a more robust depth map of the object and get the 3D information as an upgrade from the handheld laser. To further increase the performance of the system and its 3D output it is possible to add a second camera to the rig converting it to a full stereo vision system as it is used in Scorpion Vision 3D Stinger cameras. 

Which cameras can I use with DAVID?

As there is not a lot of information available about which cameras are recommended to use with the DAVID system, other than the recommended HP 3D scan equipment, we have tested USB cameras from The Imaging Source and can confirm that these are recognised and display a live image in the software. 

David Laser Scanner 3D Rig

If you are looking for an upgrade of your DAVID setup speak to us about compatible cameras.