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Ultra High Resolution Industrial Cameras - 24MP Four Thirds Sensor with Global Shutter

Today (29th September 2020), Pixelink announced the availability of their most impressive camera to date, the PL-X series with a 10 GigE interface which is required to drive the incredibly high resolution images that these cameras can generate.

These new camera models use the 3rd generation of Sony Pregius Sensors  - the IMX253 CMOS imagers with a global shutter. As camera aficionados will know, getting such a high resolution camera with a CMOS global shutter sensor has been a long time coming. 20+ megapixel sensors with rolling shutters have been around for a while. This has been as a direct benefit of the development of sensor technology being driven for the smartphone market, which have their drawbacks - small pixels and rolling shutters being the two most obvious weaknesses.

This new generation of Pregius sensors are highly professional sensors with large real estate, enabling large pixels (2.7µm to 4.5µm), which of course translates to high sensitivity and exceptional high dynamic range. 

In addition to the large images, these cameras can output images up to an amazing 65fps.

For example:

  • The Pixelink PL-X957 uses the IMX420 sensor, which offers 7MP resolution from a 1.1" sensor
  • The Pixelink PL-X9512 uses the IMX253 sensor, which offers 12MP resolution from a 1.1" sensor
  • The Pixelink PL-X9520 uses the IMX531 sensor, which offers 20MP resolution from a 1.2" sensor
  • The Pixelink PL-X9524 uses the IMX530 sensor, which offers 24MP resolution from a 4/3" sensor

Such high resolution sensors also mean very large bandwidth requirements and this is taken care of with the 10GBase-T interface which is capable of handling 10Gbits per second data transfer. However, the 10GigE interface standard also includes enhanced, packet resend capability which can be synchronised for multiple camera applications. Think full 360 degree live imaging at high speed for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Please call or email us for price and availability.