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A Review of Imaging Devices - Part 1, Low Cost Sensors

Part 1 - We have a special and unusual perspective when it comes to understanding industrial camera technology.As a business we work with mechanical handling partners to deliver factory automation systems that use sophisticated machine vision engineering. Obviously, our input is the machine vision aspect and this can take the…

The Raspberry Pi Camera Interface

Connecting a camera to a Raspberry Pi is not like connecting a camera to a USB port on a PC - there are additional considerations.The first of which is that there are two kinds of Raspberry Pi CSI camera connectors: 15-pin and 22-pin.Our friends at Arducam have taken the time…

Fully Synchronised Stereo Cameras for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

In the world of machine vision, we talk about X and Y for locating an object in 2D but we can get Z with stereo cameras. So, as we know, cameras in a stereo vision configuration can be used for depth sensing or height measurement. If we can add a measurement…