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Low Cost Imaging Devices for Prototyping

A good Covid-19 Lockdown activity might be testing and prototyping in your 'home lab'. The challenge with that, is of course immediate availability of components and the overall cost of such an exercise. 

However, we have an answer for that!


We stock a range of camera modules which can be used with just about any computer platform and operating system. The prices start at just £8 for a VGA board camera including lens. This particular model is a breakout board which is designed to be connected to a peripheral device such as a USB2 shield (£50).  So, very low cost imaging modules can be tested with a variety of computer interfaces at low cost. You can purchase a set of image module breakout boards with different sensors so you can try very low cost CMOS sensors that have been around for a while, or you can try the latest Sony IMX219. You only need one USB2 or USB3 shield to connect to your computer and can swap the imaging module at any time.

For multi-camera applications, there is even a multi-camera adapter board which is a very neat and efficient way of attaching up to four cameras with minimal cable complications.

As can be seen in the above infographic, these camera boards can be connected to Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi, Windows PC, Linux or even a Mac.

So, if you've been thinking about a machine vision application but have lacked the means to see it through whilst you're stuck at home, why not try the the Arducam products from Scorpion Vision. We have most products in stock and are shipping by courier for delivery in the UK, Europe and anywhere else that wants one!