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Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter

CMOS sensors - though immune to the blooming effects seen by CCD sensors - can be prone to other artefacts such as skew, wobble and smear. This is not always the case though as CMOS sensors can be equipped with something called a Global Shutter which can negate these effects.Firstly,…

Untangling Image Sensor Size Formats

Sensor sizes are commonly referred to as a fraction of an inch. This can create some confusion for customers as converting the actual fraction to mm and using this as a reference point is leading to wrong results.

Five Benefits of 3D Machine Vision

There are many reasons why using 3D machine vision in robotics applications are a good idea. Here are five of them:1. Depth or height measurement. How far away is the object from the camera, or the end effector? How tall is an object and how does it compare in size…

Low Cost Camera Modules for Nvidia Jetson

The Nvidia Jetson computing platform has only reached mass awareness in the professional machine vision world in relatively recent times. This is probably attributable to the acceptance of machine learning technologies which work well with GPU based systems such as the Nvidia devices. Although neural networks and deep learning algorithms have…

Sensor specification list now online

At Scorpion Vision we strive to provide our customers with the best support and technical resources available.As such we are building a knowledge/technical database to help our customers find technical information they need fast and easy. The first step towards this is a list of sensor specifications. It features all sensors…