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New Season, New Premises

As pleasant as it was in our previous location by the sea in Lymington, we rapidly outgrew the building and so took the opportunity of the 'quiet season' in the summer to relocate.To be frank, where we are now is less of a holiday destination and more like a busy…

Large Flatbread Inspection

A vision system is required to inspect large sheets of a hard flatbread product, post baking and before it is cut into the retail size. The product is on a wide conveyor so a series of cameras are required to monitor several conditions.The ScopeThe vision system's job is to inspect…

3D Coat Hanger Recycling

Sorting coat hangers using robots is no mean feat. Anything with hooks attached to it adds a serious level of difficulty to any automation task, nigh impossible some would argue.However, we have developed a robotic coat hanger picking system with our machine building partner. The remit was to inspect and…