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Full Factory Automation: The Answer to Global Population Growth

It’s December, which means Britain’s Sunday Roasts are in full swing in preparation for both the big day and the mother of all roasts, Christmas Dinner. The origins of our modern Sunday Roast are often disputed, but there are a couple of historical points to which we can give credit. One…

Automated Leek Cutting

The Allium Ampeloprasum is a member of the onion family. it's a wild plant, known by it's common name as the wild leek. Cultivated, we eat a 'domesticated' version that we simply refer to as 'the leek'. If you have ever prepared a freshly harvested, virgin leek for the cooking pot, you'll…

Pallet Sorting Systems

Here is a good reference site for the 3D machine vision pallet sorter. It scans and quality checks every pallet of every type. See the video for more information (and for a laugh).

Use an Industrial Digital Camera Without a PC

Sometimes we just want to see a camera image for monitoring or observation purposes with no image processing. The high quality image sensors and the wide selection of lenses available, make an industrial camera an ideal choice for this kind of use. But these cameras are primarily designed to be used…