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An Easy Way to Find the Right Camera Specification

Industrial cameras come with myriad features with a whole range of sensors from a number of manufacturers. 

It can be a bit daunting finding the exact specification you are looking for for your project.

Questions such as, 

'I want a 14mp sensor, but is this only available with a rolling shutter?' 


'I need a fast camera, something capable of more than 300fps, but what camera is capable of this?'

Then there is the question of the camera format: board level or in a housing, with an M12 lens mount or a C or CS mount?

All these questions and more can be easily answered with our excellent camera filter.

Easily find cameras by selecting individual features, by one specific feature, or a whole bunch for features that you are looking for in one camera.

You will find the camera selector in the camera catalogues, in the drop down on the left hand side.