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Industrial Cameras and Vision Systems 

About Unibrain 

Unibrain is an industrial imaging technology company based in Athens, Greece and with a presence in San Ramon, California.

Unibrain is an expert in Firewire technology and is an active member of the 1394 Trade Association. SVL has been a long term distributor of Unibrain products and enjoys a close relationship with the company that goes back over 10 years.  

Unibrain USB3 Industrial Cable with Screwlocks 

Unibrain's core products are Firewire based imaging technologies and this includes cameras, interfaces, cables and cable extenders. Unibrain manufactures the only very low cost firewire board camera. This is a legacy device that is used in many OEM applications due to the unique capability of the firewire interface.

In recent times, Unibrain has started to develop a number of USB3 Vision products which logically appear as an evolution of Firewire. The product list includes USB3 Industrial cables, USB3 extenders, adapters and hubs.

One of the key benefits of working with Unibrain is their excellent support. Their engineers have deep knowledge and experience of their product line as well as the benefits/limitations of the various technologies therein. On the few occasions we do have to request support, we have our answers within just a few hours.