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Scorpion Vision


Vision Systems for the Bakery Inspection Industry

Bakery Inspection Sector

Scorpion Vision - industry leaders in Bakery Inspection

Scorpion Vision provides advanced vision systems to manage fast, single or multi-lane conveyor applications designed to inspect a wide range of products such as bread loaves, flat breads, tortilla breads, biscuits and pizza bases.

Driven by the demand to improve production throughput and minimise waste, our bakery inspection system can profile and measure a pizza bread or other baked product in real time with efficient defective product removal before it is topped or garnished. This ensure a reduction of wastage as well as more efficient use of ovens.


Furthermore, both 2D and 3D Scorpion products are suited to Bakery inspection allowing for limitless product lines to utilise the same vision system.


We have provided machine vision solutions for a variety of applications, including:


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