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Scorpion Vision



Scorpion Vision Software


Our machine vision systems are based on Scorpion Vision Software by Tordivel. Scorpion Vision Software is an application that runs on Microsoft Windows and so utilises the media management and real time capabilities in Windows to acquire image data and communicate with external systems in real time. Scorpion Vision Software has been in existence since 2001 and since that date has evolved into a very powerful machine vision application framework that is used in some of the most complex and robust machine vision systems.


Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger

The platform on which our machine vision system are built is collectively known as Scorpion Stinger. This consists of a suite of matched hardware and software products:


2D Machine Vision Systems

We use the above suite of products to create multi-camera, high performance inspection, measurement and sorting systems. Scorpion Vision Software contains a world class calibration tool that enables very high accuracy, non-contact measurement systems that can measure sub-pixel and down to micron level.

The Scorpion Stinger concept enables the delivery of ready-to-go systems. This is particularly relevant with the installation of multiple camera and multiple production line systems where the continuing operation of these systems is mission critical. The hardware is built at our production centre in Oslo and soak tested so that any potential failures are detected before they are shipped. On delivery to the customer site, systems are assembled and be up and running very quickly.


3D Machine Vision Systems

Scorpion 3D Stinger is a world class 3D machine vision technology. Tordivel was an early entrant into the 3D Machine Vision market over a decade ago and since those early days, the 3D Stinger technology has evolved from a 3D software package to a fully supported 3D software and hardware product range consisting of both stereo vision and 3D laser triangulation systems. Scorpion 3D Stinger cameras are designed and built for for each application, as each application and product is different, we know that no single camera system will be suitable for all applications - we don't believe in 'off-the-shelf' 3D cameras in the manufacturing environment as this philosophy can be susceptible to reliability issues when the environment is not taken into account. That is why we deploy a multitude of techniques to solve the problem and these consist of different light sources, structured light, random pattern projection, laser and infra red where required.


Robot Vision

Scorpion Vision is widely deployed in robotic guidance and is brand agnostic, so we have many cross platform robot vision systems deployed globally. In the UK, we have extensive experience with ABB, Staubli, Mitsubishi and Kuka, with a demonstrable track record of many successful installations.

We are often the machine vision provider of choice when it comes to advanced 2D robot vision and one of the few providers of a competent and universal 3D robot guidance system.


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