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Industrial Cameras and Vision Systems 

Vision System in a Box - The Open Platform Smart Camera

HIK Robot have developed a very neat smart camera platform that encompasses the power of an industrial quad core x86 PCHIK Smartcamera  - Good things come in small packages with industrial IO, an up to date camera sensor, all packaged in an IP67 water resistant housing.

The camera behaves just like a normal PC and is available with either a Microsoft Windows or LINUX operating system. This means that your vision software of choice can be installed, whether it be Scorpion Vision Software, Halcon, Cognex Vision Pro, Neurocheck, Common Vision Blox or potentially any other Windows based application. 

We have seen Windows based 'Smart Cameras' in the past and these have been low powered, with weak graphics processing and not really that useful if you want to do more than just locate something in X and Y and send the coordinates out every second. The HIK Smart Camera is a very different kettle of fish. With a high powered CPU, FPGA and a graphics accelerator, it is a very good out-of-the-box solution if you want a quick and reliable vision system with minimal set-up. 

The package comes with everything at an amazing price - industrial IO for PLC connectivity, external triggering, a variety of LED light sources, remote control. 

As the phrase goes - Good Things Come in Little Packages.

We have units in stock for trial and evaluation, please just ask.