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Industrial Cameras and Vision Systems 

Stereo Vision Camera Starter Kit

Interested in building you own stereo vision system using industrial camera modules? Look no further than the stereo vision 3D camera kit from The Imaging Source.


The Imaging Source have done a great job of creating a platform for low cost entries into the world of 3D machine vision. The kit consists of the following components:

  • Stereo Rig with mounting bar and adjustable camera mounts (which allows for quick modification of baseline and vergence angles.)
  • Camera cables
  • End user software IC 3D (offers a user-friendly interface for calibration, visualisation and data export)
  • Programming Interface (IC 3D SDKC/C++)
  • Structured-light projector (option)

Camera options:

  • D3D KIT P1300 wit h the DFK 33UP1300 (T wo 1.3 mp USB3 Colour cameras with 12mm 5MP lenses)
  • D3D Kit X723 with the DFK 33GX273 (T wo 5mp GigE Colour cameras with 12mm 5mp lenses)


The stereos cameras system used two identical industrial cameras from The Imaging Source. The resolution selection is based on the application - object size, accuracy requirements, etc. The cameras are mounted on the bar with easy baseline and angular adjustments. 


The accompanying free download, IC3D is an end user software for capturing 3D data using this stereo vision system. It's an easy and convenient way to research and investigate the 3D camera calibration, point cloud generation and 3D object modelling.



3D StereoRobot Vision for Factory Automation:

For a robust and proven industrial 3D robot vision system with multiple site references please have a look at Scorpion 3D Stinger.

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