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Industrial Cameras and Vision Systems 

Sony IMX174 Sensor - The CCD Killer?

Sony IMX174 CMOS Image Sensors with Global Shutter

  • Global shutter function
  • High frame rate (10 bit @ 164.5 frame/s, 12 bit @ 128.2 frame/s)
  • ROI mode (able to set at a maximum of 16 areas)
  • Trigger mode (able to control accumulation time by external pulse)
  • A variety of operating modes (V inversion output and multiple frame set output mode)


Global Shutter Function

When using a camera in a fast moving industrial application, it might be necessary to capture the exact shape of a high-speed moving object. Most CMOS image sensors have a rolling shutter as the electronic shutter function; therefore, focal plane distortion was unavoidable in principle. A new pixel with analogue memory was developed by Sony for their new IMX174 and eliminated generation of the focal plane distortion by enabling it to scan all pixel signals at once (referred to as "global shutter function").  So now these new sensors accomplish high-picture quality combined with the column-parallel A/D conversion technology used for the existing Sony's CMOS Image sensors.

High Frame Rate

Again, when using a camera in an industrial application, it is a common requirement to capture the sequence of a high-speed moving subject. Therefore, frame rate is equally important as global shutter function. The IMX174 sensor optimises the internal circuit and adopted LVDS 8ch output, and then realises high-speed imaging by achieving a high frame rate with a maximum 164.5 frame/s using 10 bit ADC, and with a maximum 128.2 frame/s using 12 bit ADC. 

ROI Mode

To meet market needs, there is a requirement to capture moving subjects only in partial areas rather than a whole image view angle. ROI mode makes this possible. The IMX174 has this ROI mode and this enables one to set it at a maximum of 16 areas inside the effective pixels and output cropped partial pictures out of the image view angle. Also, since the ROI mode scans less pixel count, even higher frame rates are achievable. 

Trigger Mode

The IMX174 is equipped with trigger mode, and the external pulse can control accumulation time. The sensor also has a pulse output function to indicate respective conditions during shutter operation and can be coordinated with peripheral circuits.

A Variety of Operating Modes

The IMX174 has internal register settings which can switch vertical scan direction (normal/inverted) of the sensors and support 2 frame set output mode utilizing high-speed frame rate. In this 2 frame set output mode, separate exposure time can be set for 2 consecutive frames, and each set of 2 frames can be handled as 1 set to automatically output consecutive images. This mode can generate a picture with a wide dynamic range as a result of the combination of multiple frames. Also the sensors support all-pixel scan (WUXGA), including UXGA, and full HD scan mode as the image data output format.

Scorpion Vision Camera Portfolio

We have a number of cameras in our portfolio that use the Sony IMX 174 CMOS Sensor.The Imaging Source DFK 33GX174 with IMX174 sensor

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