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Scheimpflug Principal to increase your Depth of Field

How the Scheimpflug Principal can increase your Depth of Field and Scorpion Vision's new solution

The Scheimpflug Principal named after the Austrian Army Captain Theodor Scheimpflug is an optical rule describing the relationship between the plane of focus of a camera and lens and the subject where the lens plane is not parallel to the camera image plane. There are many good detailed descriptions of this principle on the net, however, simply put, the lens instead of being parallel with the plane of the camera (and sensor) is slightly tilted,  this has the effect of increasing the Depth Of  Field (DOF) when looking at a subject obliquely. 

The process was originally designed for correcting perspective errors or distortion in early aerial photographs, on tilt and swing view cameras and is used more recentlySVL-1618MSMAC in applications such as laser eye surgery for mapping the topography of the cornea, laser topography and tilt and shift lenses for photography.  

The Scheimpflug Principal can also be applied to your machine vision or laser application with the use of the new Scorpion Vision SVL-1618MSMAC  16mm 3MP  f1.8 2/3" format adjustable tilt C-mount lens

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