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New M12 Macro Lenses

A detailed look at the new M12 macro lenses from Scorpion Vision.

Today we are taking a detailed look at a selection of the high quality macro lenses recently introduced as part of our near and far field lenses section in our new S-Mount M12 lens range.

All images in this post are taken using the same camera (1/3" Aptina MT9V024 sensor).

To compare the differences between macro and standard lenses we captured an image with a 12mm macro lens and a 12mm standard lens. The penny (d=20.3mm) was at a distance of 10cm from the lens. This is the minimum working distance for the macro lens according to the specification.


2525MAC - 12mm macro lens IR2520B3M - 12mm standard lens

In these images the difference can be seen between the two lenses as the standard lens has lost sharpness at the edges whereas the macro lens has remained sharp all over.

We also compared two of the 16mm macro lenses which are identical apart from their f-numbers to test the affect that this has on the image. The penny (d=20.3mm) was 10cm from the lens.


1622MAC - 16mm f2.2 macro lens
1680MAC - 16mm f8.0 macro lens


The second image is noticeably darker than the first image. Both of these images were taken in identical lighting conditions and therefore show how much the increase in f-number from f2.2 to f8.0 reduces the light entering the lens. For some systems the extra light in the first image may be crucial if light is limited.

According to the specifications these macro lenses have a working distance of 0.1 - 0.5m. To test this we used an 8mm macro lens at varying distances from the penny (d=20.3mm) within this range.

0825MAC at 10cm  0825MAC at 30cm  0825MAC at 50cm 


These images images show that this lens produces sharp images throughout this working range although at the stated maximum of 50cm the image is not as sharp as at shorter distances.

We also tested to see whether this lens could focus any closer than stated minimum distance.

In the image below the penny is at a distance of 4cm from the sensor.

This image shows that this lens is still capable of capturing a sharp image at this close distance. This is well past the stated minimum of 10cm and so is a very good lens for close up macro applications.

For more details on these lenses please see the product pages in our near and far field lenses catalogue.