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Industrial Cameras and Vision Systems 

MBJ SRL-07 Ring Light Series

Scorpion Vision shines a light with the MBJ SRL-07 Ring Light Series

Machine Vision challenges can often be resolved by a careful choice of lighting. Lighting make it possible to highlight the critical characteristics on the part to be checked or analysed. One example of this is the use of low angle lighting to create shadows allowing shallow scratches to be detected or engravings to be checked. Lighting is an essential component of the machine vision system and is critical to the performance of an inspection unit. 

Ring Lighting is used for the direct illumination of various applications. Mounted in front of a camera lens, compact inspection units are possible. A built-in current source is integrated for steady light operation with 24 V DC. In this post we are going to take a look at the SRL-07 Series.


Type of Lighting  Ring shaped lighting with slight diffuse incident light from above 
Model Range/ LED Colour   White, Red, UV
Peak wave length  Red: ~625nm , White: ~460nm and ~560nm  UV: ~365nm
Supply Voltage  24 V DC +/- 10%
Operation Modes  Steady light with 24 V, strobe light with external controller
Flash light overdrive  Up to 400% (depending on duty cycle and pulse width) 
Connection  M8 male connector with 4 pin for 24 V, U (strobe), GND, Rsense 
Operation conditions Temperature - 10° to 30°C, humidity 30% to 70%

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