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We're Recruiting - Machine Vision Engineers Wanted

As a leading provider of machine vision for factory automation and 3D robot vision systems, Scorpion Vision Ltd, part of the Tordivel Group, is experiencing record growth in 2018 with the trend set to continue for the longer term.

Scorpion Vision Ltd is now looking for new recruits to join the team. We require motivated and enthusiastic people who have at least 3 years industry experience in factory automation with some knowledge of machine vision software and systems.
The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following attributes:
  • An engineering degree
  • Previous experience designing and installing camera based automation systems
  • Experience of mechatronics, robotics and robot guidance systems
  • Skills in software development/working knowledge of python
  • UK based
You'll be joining a company with a unique offering, supported by one of the best and most innovative machine vision companies on the planet. We provide turnkey machine vision systems and work with machine builders and integration partners to provide top class machine vision based automation and robot systems in a diverse range of sectors, from aerospace to agriculture.

If you have an interest in working for Scorpion Vision, please send an email in confidence, with covering letter and CV to with Machine Vision Engineer in the subject heading.