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Rowing across the Atlantic and Raising Money for The British Skin Foundation

In July 2017, I was a (not so) willing member of a team of 37 cyclists who cycled from Basingstoke all the way to Paris in 4 days. We were contributing to a campaign to raise money for a much needed cancer research centre that will be built when the total of £5000,000 is finally raised. Our efforts contributed £37,000 to the pot. Cycling to Paris was very hard work, but it was a lot of fun and felt incredibly satisfying when we got there.

However, this pails into insignificance when you consider what two brothers from our home town of Lymington are doing right at this moment. Jude and Greg are two very motivated and very brave people who are rowing across the Atlantic to raise money for research into skin cancer. You see, Pete, their much loved father suffered for years with this terrible disease before finally succumbing to it after a battle that must have been a hellish experience not just for Pete but for his family too.

Jude and Greg

People who raise money for cancer research through some form of personal sacrifice or hardship usually do so for very personal reasons. In the case of Jude and Greg, they are not only putting themselves through some very considerable personal sacrifice, they are quite literally endangering their own lives to raise the profile of skin cancer and to raise much needed funds in the name of Pete Massey, towards finding a cure, so that victims and families don't have to go through what the Massey's have had to go through.

To some, my week of pain and glory cycling to Paris was something to complement and they showed their gratitude and respect by sponsoring my chosen charity.

To me, rowing across the Atlantic, encountering storms, capsizes, sharks, blisters, torn muscles, etc., is not fun and is way beyond the call of duty and deserves recognition from us all. Most people know someone who is suffering from, or who has died of cancer. But, survival rates from malignant melanoma have doubled in the last 40 years due to improvements in detection and treatment. Much of this funding comes from charity, particularly in the UK where we have a proud culture of giving to good causes. If you sponsor this charity you can show your respect to these guys - and make a real difference.


Greg and Jude set off in January 2017 from Gran Canaria to row a total of 3000 miles or 4828 kilometres. As of Friday 23rd February, they have rowed an amazing 2200 miles with what must seem like a mountain of another 800 miles to go. It's been far from easy, read the updates here to see what they have been through and to track the remainder of their journey. They need every bit of support and encouragement they can get.

Please support Greg and Jude Massey by sponsoring them here. Show them what they are worth.

- Paul Wilson