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Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition 2017

It's been a long time since the UK had it's own dedicated machine vision event.

In 2003, I remember going to the IPOT show - Image Processing and Optical Technologies, whose name even then was probably past it's sell-by date - which last took place at the NEC in 2007 before it gave way the following year to VTX (Vision Technology eXhibition), a rebranded event which made a good attempt to identify itself better with our industry.

Something went wrong, perhaps the world of automation wasn't ready for such a specialist event at the time, as the following year it was cancelled.

Since then our exhibition opportunities have been the excellent annual Photonex events at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, the enormous PPMA and Total Shows, again at the NEC and miriad small events collocating special interest in optical and machine vision technologies. But we've always lacked a decent, machine vision only show. A question I once heard asked was, 'is the UK machine vision industry big enough to host such an event?' Well surely the answer can be found by looking at our expanding manufacturing industry. Where there is volume production, there has to be automation. Machine vision is often a critical component of automation systems. 

New in 2017 is the fantastic Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition. Organised by the Committee of the United Kingdom Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA - it's all about acronyms). So this time, the industry specific event is being organised by us, the players in the UK vision industry and not by a third party organisation that has a wider agenda than our own. Those kinds of events have their place of course, but we wanted a one day event, combining a conference with a small exhibition. One that would educate and enthuse. 

We've organised key note speakers by influential individuals from the the machine vision industry and we have 40+ small exhibition stands so that our peers and competitors can demonstrate and discuss their products and systems both to our traditional customer base and the wider manufacturing industry.

It's an easy day out - free parking and easy access, one day only. Come and meet the real experts in machine vision.

Who is this event for?

  • Manufacturers who want to know more about machine vision and how it can help them
  • Machine Builders
  • Scientists who are interested in imaging technologies
  • People looking for non contact measurement systems
  • Robotics engineers
  • Automotive engineers
  • Agriculturists
  • the list goes on...