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Scorpion Vision Ltd (SVL) is a Tordivel company. We provide machine vision systems and machine vision expertise.

SVL was formed in January 2004 by Paul Wilson. The original remit of the company was to represent Tordivel AS within the UK, promoting, selling and supporting Scorpion Vision Software. In support of these activities and with the expertise gained from utilising machine vision in industrial environments, an online store was created to sell imaging products to UK industry. This led to a number of key distributorships being awarded to the company starting with Unibrain SA of Greece, a major player in the field of Firewire (1394) technology and now a manufacturer of industrial USB3 (USB3Vision) products, followed by PixeLINK of Canada, a manufacturer with significant expertise in imaging technology. In 2010, SVL became the UK distributor for The Imaging Source, a global manufacturer of industrial cameras with a presence both in Germany and the Far East. In 2017, SVL became the UK and Ireland sole distributor for Hikvision of China. 

Today, SVL benefits from a purposely small but select handful of distributorships for which the company is able to offer first class support and product knowledge for these camera products. 

Machine Vision Expertise

The core activity of Scorpion Vision Ltd is the provision of machine vision automation software and systems. The company provides sales and support resources to a reseller channel within the UK, providing technical assistance and a sales support role when required, to the UK Scorpion Vision integrator network.

The company also works closely with it's parent Tordivel AS (based in Oslo), to deliver Scorpion Vision based automation systems to the UK manufacturing industry. Tordivel AS, as a provider of a world class machine vision technology has expertise which is second to none within the machine vision industry. Not just a provider of software, but a highly competent automation business with a long track record of delivering innovative and complex machine vision systems that are robust and reliable. Most systems that have been delivered since inception in the late '90s are still in operation, which is testament to the quality of the knowledge and technology that the business delivers. 

With machine vision, the company has developed a reputation for delivering, regardless of the  difficulties that might be experienced along the way.

Scorpion 2D and 3D Stinger

Scorpion Vision Software is an automation, machine vision framework package that runs on Microsoft Windows. A powerful, general purpose machine vision  software that is used in diverse applications, it's largest application is probably robot guidance. The software has evolved with a 3D tool set that puts Tordivel at the forefront of 3D machine vision for automation. Since 2010, the company has been developing a suite of hardware products that are delivered to customers for an 'out of the box' experience. The Singer family of products contains matched hardware that includes environmentally protected 2D and 3D cameras, with integrated illumination and synchronisation technology, industrial PCs and add-on illumination products which are very easily controlled directly from the Stinger hardware. The sum benefit of these developments is the ease at which a machine vision system can be deployed, rapidly, with minimal production downtime. This reduces both cost and risk for the customer.

In 2014, at a Wincanton Logistics warehouse in the UK, eight ABB Flexpicker robots were retrofitted with Scorpion Vision 2D Stinger systems, replacing the existing Cognex cameras that had been installed with the robots 10 years previously. A 24/7 operation, the whole process was completed in 14 days, utilising much of the existing infrastructure, with zero downtime outside of the scheduled upgrade period.

The Scorpion Vision Engineering Team

When you invest in a Scorpion Vision automation system, a complete engineering team is working for you. We divide responsibility so that the project is not reliant on just one person. In this way, we guarantee a successful outcome.

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